Professional Public Adjusters : Home or Business Insurance Claims

When faced with a misfortune do not be intimated by your insurance company and adjusters that work on their behalf.

Experian Public Adjusters are here to help guide you through the insurance claim process. We ensure that your claim is handled in a timely manner and maximize your claim settlement. We are here to provide help, guidance, and hope in your time of need.

Did you know insurance claims can be reopened within 3 years of reporting a loss? If you believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve, give us a call. We can help! Even if you opened the claim yourself, there are sometimes hidden damages that a Public Adjuster can point out. We are an Independent Public Adjusting firm providing professional insurance claim representation to homeowners and business owners.

Public Adjusters

Experian Public Adjusters is comprised of the best team of experts in the industry. Our team will efficiently evaluate, prepare, and negotiate your claim. Our reputation and experience speaks for itself. Don’t settle for less.

Our licensed and experienced Public Adjusters have many years of experience in providing assistance to all types of insurance claims. We work for you! Just as your insurance company has an adjuster representing them and looking out for their interests in the claim, you need an experienced and knowledgeable adjuster representing your interests to ensure that you are properly compensated.

Know Your Rights

  • – If you have experienced a small leak under your sink in your kitchen (which is really common). You could be covered for damages and replacement of your kitchen cabinets.
  • – If your laminate wood floors have just minor damage anywhere throughout the house due to a Water loss/ Pipe break. Your insurance company is entitled to replacement of the flooring in your house.
  • – If you have accidentally dropped an object and it has chipped/crack a tile. If the tile is unmatchable or replaceable and continuous throughout the house, Your insurance company is also liable for replacement of the flooring in your house


As a homeowner, I found that your assistance was necessary to successfully navigate the impenetrable world of insurance.
Scott S.

You guys got me ten times more then they offered to pay and now my home can be repaired properly. Thanks E.P.A!
Charles T.

Experian Adjusters came to the Rescue Big Time!
Raquel C.

Experian made sure we received a fair settlement and kept us informed of the process at all times.
Javier G.

I tried to settle my claim myself and was not satisfied with the outcome. I decided to re-open my claim using Experian Adjusters they were extremely professional and every time I called and needed information or help, they were there with no hesitation. The insurance company offered $6,800 before the deductible for my roof after hurricane Wilma, Experian Adjusters came in and got me $19,400 after the deductible. Thanks guys!!
Alina F.

We were so pleased with the services you rendered in getting satisfaction from our insurance company. We had given up all hope until your company came along. We now have a wonderful new roof and want to thank you for making it possible.
Rafael D.

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